delay (delay) wrote,

for 50 bucks a week i can render your reality an endlessly bizarre dream

the only catch is you are stuck with your constantly surfacing strange thoughts and the inevitability of your invisibility. strange unsmiling women wearing bonnets and their preternaturally blonde 'angel' kids. feel like there is a recent increase in bonnet sightings at my work place. also lithe tennis players in town for some tournament...rendered wallaceian by my mind (hal incandenza and the eta gang perhaps...share a joint with me behind the dumpster.) knowledge on the relationship between slamming doors and doormats reinforced in conversation. extreme restlessness and desire to go home and work on something meaningful...meaningless --->>> meaningful.

'accept your accidents as hidden intentions.'

(reverb is reverse it synthesizes a new distrete event that is at best an impression of the original sound source. compression can be an autoclave. in certain scenarios it can synthesize new rhythms. and any sound making devise can be an instrument. even the surface of the earth. or your palpitating heart.)
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