delay (delay) wrote,

the inevitability of your invisibility (an experiment in sample and hold writing)

outside the burn ward: the pungent odor of the burnt flesh of a new patient. a nervous flutter to block out imaginary dust: imagined irreversible mutilations that lie behind the double doors.

mild insomnia leads to a prolonged hypnagogic episode: phosphene blue angels dance among windswept wild flowers. an old lover visits in the form of a succubus. i lose my mind in the pianospan park. a crushed half valium and a rinse of water to get the chalky taste out. the brighter it is, the colder it seems.

i sleep inside a silent dream. before the plane crashes, i move to the nose of the aircraft to ensure i'm the first one to die. i feel my body fragment. death feels remarkably relaxing. a slow and graceful extinguishing of the nervous conflagaration.
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