delay (delay) wrote,

the ritual murder of nostalgia

service tag industry workstation 2 technical production prototype engineer duane robot-o with the deviant septum drowns in nectar oozed from his overactive sinus simulation device. cash refund for free caffiene and a packet of supari. everything that is ultimately injurious to your health is certified by independantly owned facts, their contents under pressure. slide card here then select or adjust (+ -) to taste.

provolone priests in crater based chapels and pornographic priestesses conduct orgies with leper messiahs. their contingents of killer bees trapped in wayward surveillance cameras flattening the affect, losing the perspective, overemphasizing certain colors and ultimately masking the surreallity of your last time.

and you really believe that everything will fall into place after this? face the reality of your nonsense with gossamer veils of tissue and tangled pearl necklace tentacles of unnamed underwater creatures. the radial symmetry of the pulsing sea orchid a mouthwatering mimicry of the sun. a distant star with a voice like your melting heart. flickering fast undulations of zooplankton like the jerky motions of spermatocytes under the scope reveal the ultimate sameness of life: the ritual cannibalism of neighbor, friend, and the temporary provider of solace. eventually shitting the remants to diffuse into the overwhelming ocean of the past. never look back or you will become as useless as a figurine made of salt, melting in the first rain
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