delay (delay) wrote,

arcane atrocities and insomnic epiphanies

my friend jw came over tonight to put finishing touches on the backing tracks for our performance this weekend. we were incredibly productive and talkative thanks to the lack of drugs or alcohol. i happened to mention my bizarre dream from last night. he was quick enough to realize that he thought it was merely about the perceptions i have about my life at the moment. things i'm doing wrong, things i could be doing better etc. i was so relieved to hear this. and he is quite right. the bizarre array of dreams that have been afflicting me lately make sense in this new light. sometimes it takes a friend to make sense of my quasi purposefully garbled existance.

tonight i also resolved to get a new job. a co-worker and myself started a petition to change our company policy regarding overtime. after discussing this with our manager we were told that there would be risks involved in taking it through. in short our manager implied a threat to the security of our jobs. i felt like exclaiming it's a fucking petition not a strike. once i get a job lined up i will carry the petition through even if it means getting fired.

last night as i was laying in bed, j g ballard's crash made perfect sense. accidental collisions and the ensuing wounds are the stuff of connections. a more apt metaphor for love i cannot imagine at this time of the night. thinking now i find it strange that the metaphor of a car crash was used by the first girl that ever bothered to love me. (and it took me this long to aptly understand its the meaning.) these sorts of coincidences imply to me a certain singularity of the human mind.
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